How to Grow Pea Microgreens

Are you interested in how to grow pea microgreens? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Pea microgreens are surprisingly healthy and easy to grow. With a little practice and effort, you’ll have your own supply of these delicious microgreens throughout the year!

The term ‘microgreens’ means the growing of a plant into its first leaves appear. This can be achieved in the space of a few weeks. You’ll be surprised to discover that microgreens tend to have more nutrients than the mature plant.

pea microgreens
pea microgreens

It is worth noting that if you leave the microgreens to grow longer you can actually get pea shoots instead. In effect, this is simply a case of waiting for the second set of leaves to grow; making the plant slightly taller but just as nutritious.

Of course, because you can grow pea microgreens in your home you can completely control their environment; making them a great organic option.

Pea Microgreens Health Benefits

There are actually several different types of peas, the main categories are English peas, snow peas, and sugar snap. But, there are also plenty of subcategories, including speckled pea, and black-eyed pea. You can grow all of these in the same way at the same time, or you can choose to grow them one at a time.

The choice is yours!

To help you realize how good an idea it is to grow pea microgreens, let’s take a look at the health benefits.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

There are many antioxidants and phytonutrients inside pea microgreens. These can help to support your immune system and actually reduce inflammation!

You’ll find plenty of vitamins C, D, K, and even A; ensuring your immune system and other body functions are working at peak efficiency.

  • Regulate Blood Sugars

Pea microgreens have an array of nutrients that have been shown to help reduce blood sugar levels. This makes them a valuable addition to any diet, especially f you’re trying to prevent diabetes or are dealing with the effects of this disease.

  • Cardiovascular Improvement

The same antioxidants that boost the immune system and help to reduce inflammation in your body can actually improve your cardiovascular health.

Science is not yet clear on exactly how the two are linked but there is a definite connection that can help to protect you against heart disease.

  • Losing Weight

There is a lot of fiber in pea microgreens. This will help you to feel fuller for longer which will reduce your need and tendency to snack.

This, as part of a calorie controlled diet, can actually help you to lose the extra pounds and get back the body that you want.

How to Grow Pea Microgreens

  • Soak: Yes; soak for 8 hours
  • Rinse/drain: Yes until germination
  • Time to germinate: 2-3 days
  • Time to harvest: 8-14 days

Top Tip: Pea microgreens will re-grow after being harvested; keep looking after them!

Your step by step guide to growing pea microgreens

Step 1 – Soaking the seed

You can rinse them before placing them in a bowl of cold water for 8-12 hours. This will encourage germination. You don’t need to germinate them but it will speed it up. Experiment if it actually does germinate faster.

Once you have soaked them overnight, you can go ahead and plant them in your tray.

Step 2 – Planting

The next step is to choose a tray that has drainage holes. This will allow you to put a water tray underneath and control the moisture levels of the plants without soaking their leaves or the seeds.

growing tray

You’ll also need to choose a growing medium. One inch of your preferred potting mix is fine. You can use coconut coir too.

The growing medium should be loose in the tray, packing it down will make it harder for the roots to find their way and get established. Before sprinkling the seeds over your tray it is a good idea to soak the growing medium. You can also sprinkle a little extra of the grow media over the seeds; they do like it dark.

Once planted, you should cover them for 2-3 days. You will need to water the soil every day during this period. The drainage holes will ensure excess water drains out onto the tray.

After 2-3 days you’ll see signs of germination. Wait a few more days until they develop their first leaves. If they are 2 inches high it’s time to remove the cover and let them soak up the light.

Step 3 – Maintaining

You’ll now need to watch your plants every day to ensure they are moist enough and are growing well. Keep your eyes open for mold as you’ll need to treat this quickly if it does appear.

During the growing stage, you can taste the pea microgreens and harvest them when you like them. This should be between days 8-14.

Don’t forget your first time is a learning curve, you can always tweak the procedures on your next attempt.


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When to harvest pea microgreens

Pea microgreens are ready to be harvested between 8 and 14 days. You’ll need to monitor them every day to ensure they have enough water. If you’re not sure when they are ready then cut a couple of each day, when you find the flavor you like the most that’s the time when you harvest them!

Are pea shoots microgreens

The procedure for growing pea shoots is the same as that for pea microgreens. The only real difference is that the pea shoots are left to grow for a little longer; this changes the flavor slightly but still offers the same health benefits.

How to eat pea microgreens

They can be added to any salad, put into a sandwich, used as a garnish, or you can choose to eat them by themselves. The choice is yours.

You can add them to an omelet or include them in your next smoothie too.

How to harvest pea microgreens

As with most microgreens, pea microgreens are relatively delicate. You’ll need to harvest them by cutting them an inch above the soil. Try to keep the dirt and soil contaminants off the pea microgreens; you don’t want to wash them unnecessarily.

How to store pea microgreens

Storing is simple but works best if the microgreens are dry. For this reason, it is best to stop watering them 8-12 hours before you want to harvest.

If they are dry simply place them in a plastic bag or container and put them in the refrigerator; they should last approximately a week.

However, if they are not dry you’ll need to put them between two pieces of paper towel first; dab them until the water has been absorbed and you can store them.

What do pea microgreens taste like?

Pea microgreens taste like peas! You may feel they have a slightly more beany taste but they are in essence simply peas; in cress-like form!

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